How to push rank fast in PUBG Mobile

Ultimate Guide: How to push rank fast in PUBG mobile?

How to push rank fast in PUBG Mobile?

This article is going to explain, how you can push rank fast in PUBG Mobile? The best answer for this question is to play safe having at least 7-8 kills in every match.

Land on underrated places. Have good loots and a stable gun (M416, ScarL) for the medium as well as long ranges. And a heavy gun ( M762, AKM, M249, MK47) for close combat.

There is a huge difference between the statistics of players on top and those who are average. however, it is not smart enough to directly compete with high rating player you won’t have high chances to stand against them.

What matters is to practice, the better players you face, the more you learn. depending on the gameplay you have to build up your own strategies to stay alive for a longer period and this will be possible if you keep playing.

For example, after playing a few hours it is possible for you to survive more at the starting point. Later you can make your progress in the mid-game and then comes the toughest one the final part, The end where the circle shrinks to a minimum.

one strategy you can follow is to stay near the building where you can spot other players easily. Without exposing yourself you have to hide, another player will do your job of killing whoever is trying to enter the premises.

And when the maximum is down, you can go inside and take the defending player. In this way you get chances to earn a good amount of loot as well you don’t have to face many players.

Their many novice players who keep running around and becomes an easy target, tackling them is a hard part.

5 points to keep in mind: How to push rank fast in PUBG Mobile?

  • 5 points to keep in mind while you are pushing rank in PUBG Mobile.
  • Land on underrated places.
  • First loot then shoot.
  • If you are playing in a squad be loyal to the team.
  • Keep calm and relax in close combat.
  • Safe Zone should be the first priority.

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