India has reached 18,600 confirmed cases.

Coronavirus: India has reached 18,600 confirmed cases.

India is about to touch 19k confirmed Coronavirus case. As the Govt has extended the lockdown period by 3rd May many industries are facing economic crisis.

As of now, nobody knows when the lockdown will break, the current condition doesn’t seem well, almost 30 people have lost their lives yesterday.

And according to the Jharkhand Govt. we don’t have enough medical supplies to test out the people. The condition may get worst in the upcoming weeks.

Maharastra is leading in India having 4666 cases and Delhi is in the second position having 2081 cases.

Check out the data below:

Total Confirmed Cases: 18,601

Active cases: 14,759 (+851) daily frequency

Recovered cases: 3,252 (+393) daily frequency

Fatal cases: 590 (+30) daily frequency

Check out live data:  Here

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