Best place to get loot in PUB mobile

10 Location: Best place to get loot in pubg mobile

Best place to get loot in PUB mobile:

are you looking for the Best place to get loot in PUBG mobile?  Most of us love to play in Erangle because of its clean design and clear view. That’s why this article is going to mention only Erangle having good loots.

Let’s do this.

10 Perfect locations: Best place to get loot in PUBG mobile.

1. Georgopol

The container terminal at Georgopol is a hot spot for players. With assured 8X scopes, rifles, level 3 bags, helmet and vest all available to loot. Your chances of survival here are 50-50.

2. School

The buildings inside the school campus have good loot. The buildings and houses beside the school campus have decent loot too.

3. Pochinki

Probably the most famous location on the map, somewhat iconic spawns excellent items. You’ll find the best weapons and attachments here. But remember it’s an active warzone.

4. Prison

The prison complex has excellent loot in the massive warehouses and a single large building. You’ll find a lot of medical supplies here too.

5. Sosnovka Military Base

Undoubtedly the best loot on the game can be found here. But, this is a well-known fact to all. So always watch your back.

6. Shooting Range

This location is filled with good loot. You can expect to equip your character with a Level 3 vest and a Level 3 helmet within the first minute of landing here.

7. Severny

Located on the Northern extreme of the map Severny is filled with a lot of buildings which will promise you a decent loot.

8. Primorsk

Located South on the mainland of the map Primorsk will offer you a good loot from the numerous buildings there.

9. Mylta

It is a place with only a few buildings which keeps it off the radar for most players. But, Mylta has a good loot and you can expect to get an assault rifle and scope early in the game.

10. Novorepnoye

It is situated just next to the Military base. Novorepnoye has many structures with decent to good loot. Also, most players in the vicinity prefer Military base over this location as it has better loot but it also has a higher risk.

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